Ruffena Venture Finance (RVF) has been inspired by our desire to support investors and entrepreneurs alike. It has been launched with our core values to the fore: integrity, transparency, responsiveness and a dynamic, modern approach. The idea behind RVF came out of a conversation between Richard and Robin in late 2018 at a finance conference in Davos. Many successful fast growth companies had difficulty raising the funds they needed to fuel growth. Debt finance offered a potential solution to the problem for both companies and investors. The thorny issue remained: how could the debt be priced and repaid so the risk was shared between the investor and the company? Over many conversations the RVF business model was born. We have created our unique combination of debt and equity of risk and reward.
Richard Turner
Richard is a co-founder of Ruffena Venture Finance. Richard began his career as a development economist: He was an ODI fellow and worked for the World Bank, IFAD, and the African Development Bank. In 1988 Richard joined KPMG as an Economist and Strategic Consultant.

1999 Richard Co-founded Catalyst Venture Partners: a business incubator and corporate finance company. In 2010 Richard Co-founded Catalyst Business Finance, an asset backed lender. Between 2010 and 2019 Richard was Trustee and Chairman of Mentoring Plus, a charity focussed on providing children from disadvantaged backgrounds with suitable role models in their lives.

Richard is married to Marion Milne, a documentary film maker. They have two children. When not in the office Richard is to be found on a tennis court or horseback riding.
William Owen
William is currently an active private investor having made investments in over 20 companies and is an underwriter for a peer-to-peer lender. Williams first career was in property with Knight Frank and later CEO of Stewart Nairn Group plc, a listed property company.

In the public sector, he was chairman of the care home, charity shops, and development divisions of the Notting hill Housing Trust. William was CEO of Hispana Holding, when it was a listed company in Madrid making investments in food processing, manufacturing and modular engineering and in Inmobiliara Alcázar. The latter was a listed company whose projects included a site for a million square feet of homes in Seville.
Dwight Makin
Dwight is corporate financier and fund manager and is a co-founder of Ruffena Venture Finance. His first career was as a fund manager and managing director at John Govette and Co.

Between 1990-2018 Dwight was Director of the Himalayan Fund, Amsterdam. The Himalayan Fund NV was a Dutch investment company utilising the benefits of the Dutch Indian tax treaty for investment in Indian securities and between 1992-2001 he was Chairman Cadiz Inc. Cadiz is a water and agricultural company in California. Dwight is currently Chairman and co-founder of Ruffena Capital. Ruffena is a specialist corporate finance boutique focussed on £2-10m equity and debt fund raising.

Dwight is a very keen tennis player and scion of the Davis family who created the international Davis cup competition.

Robin Hill
Robin is an entrepreneur and corporate financier and co-founder of Ruffena Venture Finance.

Robin’s first career was in bespoke furniture design and creation but he was at heart an entrepreneur. In 1999 he founded Eclecticom Ltd which specialised in the development of knowledge transfer and e-learning opportunities for commercial sustainability in the veterinary and allied sectors, exploiting the new technologies in communications, data mining and the Internet.

In 2005 Robin founded Quarus Ventures. Corporate advisory company focussing on growth strategies and fund raising. This evolved into Ruffena Capital which Robin co-founded in 2013. Ruffena is a specialist corporate finance boutique focussed on £2-10m equity and debt fund raising.

When not wooing investors, Robin is to be found tearing down mountains on a push bike.