Illustrative projects.


Provider of print management software to print companies they have a SAAS model.

Their software helps manage all operational and financial functions including: estimate manager, purchase orders, job production, invoice management, and ordering. Their pricing structure is based on a set up fee and then a usage fee either based on transactions or seats.  Their annual revenue is about £1.5m of which 85% is recurring. They have a pipe line indicating that they can growth at 50%+ per annum over the next three years.  They require £1m million in funding to service the pipeline. The loan is over 4 years: Interest only in the first year, 20% repayment in the second year, 30% in the third year, and  50% in year 4.


Manufactures and hires Solar/Battery powered lighting rigs

They have a wide variety of clients: festivals, road works, sports competitions, construction sites. Its key competitive advantage is its ability to optimise that lighting power with solar generated electricity and storage.  The accounting life of each rig to 5 years but its expected life is closer to 10 years.  The payback period for each rig is one year.  The company has experienced rapid growth and has now developed markets in Spain and France. Its current annual revenues are £3.5million. The companies objectives are to sell in 3-5 years once revenue have reached £10m. Funding of £1.5m  is required to expand their manufacturing capacity. The loan is for 3 years interest only in the first year and then equal quarterly payments.