Please first read the question called “What is an Investment Unit”  

Your Loan Notes, which together with the Warrants comprise your Investment Unit, are secured by a fixed and floating charge (debenture) over all the available assets of the SPV which RVF has formed solely to invest in the End Borrower. 
In addition, the SPV itself will have a debenture over all available assets of the End Borrower’s business.    

Both debentures are held by RVF Security Trust Company Ltd.  The Directors of the Trustee Company are the same as that of Ruffena Venture Finance Ltd.

With a venture debt loan, the security debenture is normally over all the assets of the End Borrower but may not include property. Some assets such as invoices which have been charged to an invoice discount company might not be included. You should read the Offer Document for the opportunity you are interested in, before committing to investing.
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