When you become an approved investor  you will be asked to provide bank account details. Any surplus funds you wished to be paid back can only be paid to you in that designated account. You can change your designated account to another account which must be in your name by   signing into your account, navigating to your investment portfolio and clicking the “Edit your bank account” link that appears in the left-side navigation area below the “Main account” header.

If you have not previously added designated account details to your account, this link will appear as “Add your bank account”  

If you decide to invest via the platform your money will be held in a ShareIn client account at Barclays Bank pending investment. That account is referred to as ‘your Ruffena ShareIn Account’. If you decide to invest in an Investment Unit, and if that opportunity is ready to accept funds, only you will be able to automatically transfer the funds to the relevant Ruffena SPV in order to pay for your Loan Note subscription and Warrants. When the SPV makes interest or capital repayments from the monies it has loaned to the End Borrower they will be returned to your Ruffena ShareIn Account. You can then use those funds for another investment or return them to your own Designated Bank Account.  
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