If the End Borrower defaults, or fails, RVF will where possible work with the End Borrower to understand the issues and develop a “work out” plan with the company.  RVF believe that, in most circumstances, because of their ongoing knowledge of the End Borrower’s business, that RVF should be closely involved with any recoveries. In some circumstance it may be appropriate for RVF Security Trust Company Ltd to appoint an administrator or specialist insolvency practitioner. In those circumstances the investing Members would be consulted.    

This pro-active policy, with its benefits and risks, will have been accepted by you when you subscribe to Loan Notes in accordance with the terms of the Loan Note Instrument.

RVF will inform Loan Note Holders regarding the best way forward and RVF is likely to invite investing Members to vote on any major decision. Most RVF Members will have considerable investing, or business, experience and you are welcome to contact us to share that knowledge.  Please remember that all information about the End Borrower is subject to the terms and conditions of the Platform which include an obligation of confidentiality.
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