You will be investing in an Investment Unit comprising both Loan Notes and Warrants.   The Loan Note element
1.       RVF has formed a new company for each investment on the Platform called an SPV [Special Purpose Vehicle]. It makes the Loan to the End Borrower. The name of the SPV will always be in a format like “RVF SPV BackUp Robots Ltd”. The sole function of the SPV is to make a Loan to “Backup Robots Ltd” [“the End Borrower”]. The SPV is not permitted to use any Members’ funds except in connection with the Loan and its repayment and interest due to Members who hold Loan Notes.
2.        The Loan Notes: To finance the Loan, the Investors will subscribe to Loan Notes issued by the SPV.
3.      The Debentures: (i) The SPV will benefit from a debenture over all available assets of Backup Robots Ltd and (ii) the investing Members will benefit from a debenture over all the assets of the SPV.
4.      100% of the interest and repayments received by the SPV will be paid to Loan Note Holders, subject only to any recovery costs.
The Warrant element
5.       The End Borrower, Backup Robots Ltd will issue Warrants to the Investors. Normally there will be 1 Warrant with a price of £5 per £5,000 of Loan Notes.
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