Innovative financing solutions for high-growth companies in the UK
We work with companies at all stages of development, providing innovative funding solutions which can substitute for  traditional equity and institutional lending. Use of funds can range from operational runway extension through to acquisition financing
What’s Venture Debt?
Venture Debt provides financing to emerging growth companies at a stage when they typically cannot qualify for traditional debt financing from a commercial bank or other traditional lenders. It mirrors the mezzanine finance facilities that large, established corporations utilize as a hybrid between debt and equity. However, Venture Debt is targeted at much younger and nimbler companies at pre-IPO / Buy Out stage and complements the equity financing they receive from traditional equity sources.
A Venture Debt loan enhances the cash buffer of a company over a limited time horizon and can help leverage the equity capital and increase the return for entrepreneurs and equity investors. It is routinely used to achieve certain milestones in a company's growth cycle e.g. bring company to the next technology / clinical trial stage, complete product commercialization stage, attain profitability or bridge the cash gap up to a Buy Out exit.
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Companies suitable for RVF Funding
The quality of corporate governance, company management and business information systems are critical in our assessment.
  • Suitable companies will be able to demonstrate a proven and robust business model with a base revenue of at least £1m per annum and growing at 25% plus per annum
  • Companies will have a well researched business plan showing how funding will create a “value step”.
  • The business plan will also have identified a clear path to repayment via conventional debt refinancing, cashflow, equity raise or any combination.
  • Companies are expected to have an active Chairman and a balanced board as well as a qualified Finance Director.
Ruffena Venture Finance
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